Reference- Azure Picture

Me and my crap digital skillz got together to make this. It's a reference, in case the title didn't make that blatantly obvious.

Anyway, Azure should be somewhat familiar. He's one of the oldest characters I have still in use. He's like, my baby. 8B So, in an effort to be able to actually draw him in a consistent fashion, a reference!

Most of the basic need-to-know is there, but to elaborate on the story a little: Azure is a member of the Royal Guard of La-Tah'Kh and was protecting the royal family during a coup when his wings were broken and he was thrown over the 'edge' and thusly transported to the continent of Analia. Apparently the powers that be had a plan for him, since he didn't die on impact. He would have died anyway if two young Cat Clan clerics hadn't been dispatched ahead of time to heal him. Since he survived his fall Azure believes he can find the princess, who fell two days earlier, and restore her to the throne. Of course, first he must see the Mystic, who sent the felines to him, and getting back to his kingdom is easier said than done.....

La-Tah'Kh means 'Heaven' in ancient Equine-Base language, btw. Most mythology-based names are in Equine-Base. The world of "Gentle Skies" is quite a bit more developed than Unicorn Prism's, with several languages, a deep history, continents, kingdoms, and even a detailed map. Not to mention oodles more characters. The story is also very well-developed compared to my other stories. It's friggin' LONG tho.

OH! Azure uses no magic. It's all physical. He kicks, bites, and whacks enemies with his wings. Basically a combination of horse and goose fighting tactics. Most of his flying is done in battle.

Also, he's the horse equivalent of a 22-year-old guy.

Azure and Gentle Skies (C) bootsa81
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