Hippogryph Picture

No empty fiction wrought by magic lore,
But natural was the steed the wizard pressed;
For him a filly to griffin bore;
Hight hippogryph. In wings and beak and crest,
Formed like his sire, as in the feet before;
But like the mare, his dam, in all the rest.
Such on Riphaean hills, though rarely found,
Are bred, beyond the frozen ocean's bound.

(Find the full poem here: [link] . This is the first place that hippogryphs are mentioned in literature, if my quick and dirty Google search is to be believed!)

I decided (foolishly I think) that after my Pegasus came out so well, I ought to do some other mythological creature. Of course, as I discovered, bunging a couple of wings on a horse and making it all purty-like is a lot less time consuming than the half eagle half horse creation that a hippogryph is.
Also, technically, hippogryphs aren't mythological but were made up 500 odd years ago by the author of the above poetry excerpt, but never mind that!
I will probably submit this to ~abstractsilence too...

Brushes (tail hair) - =TammySue
Background: [link] and [link]
Eagle head: [link]
Eagle legs: [link]
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