Mazin Picture

So... in math (XD) I thought of my second Ponysona OuO... well Pegasus/Zebra hybrid anyway XD (Zoooooooooooorse!!! <3)

This is Mazin (Arabic for Rain Cloud). His enchanter 'magic' involves rain... mostly dances and chants that summons small rain clouds without the help of the weather factory. He can fly, but he uses his wings to swim more than he does to fly. The Ankh is a token from his homeland (I know that Zebras would come from a savannah-like area not Egypt buuuuuuut whatever XD), and the gold tag on his braid is his name in Arabic :3 and his marking is supposed to look like a rain drop. Dexxy's eye color~

I need to fix his stripe placement and butt marking, but that's the gist of what he looks like XP

I'm going to tell you guys... I LOVE rain and water OoO and when I was little I was fascinated with rain dances and would do them regularly OuO Aaaaaaaaaaaaand Egyptian Mythology is one of the neatest things I ever studied OoO (I don't remember shit from that class so don't bother striking up a conversation X'D)

Art & Character (c)
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