Lunarlight Picture


So… this My Little Pony thing… This Friendship is Magic thing. It’s for four-year-olds. And when I first saw the redesign, I was all >:C

So why the hay am I watching this?

You know what? I know what’s to blame. I heard that they started using mythical animals in it like mantacores and cockatrices. And you guys know me and my love for mythology and monsters. But it was a trap! It got me to look at one episode… and that happened to be a two-parter, so I had to watch another one and then I realized the new proportions are pretty close to my favorite toy pony from when I was a kid, Highflyer, and then I noticed the plot was pretty good (and addresses complex things like the comingling of faith and science) and the puns were fun and… it kind of snowballed from there.

So… I drew a Nash pony. Since I'm not cool enough to live in ponyville, I guess I'll live in the Apple-achia region.

I figure if I get it out of my system I can go back to my snarlie werewolves and monsters.

So. Yeah. Gonna go draw some werewolves now.

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