Paragaid Sunset Picture

The September illustration for my 2006 Calendar Antellonian Horse which you can purchase via check or PayPal at Eltsar Press.

Official Calendar Comment:
Unlike their mythological cousins the unicorns, who seem to have sprung from a mysterious and undefined source, paragaids can trace their lineage back to a single stallion by the name of Pegasus. Originally he was an ordinary white stallion who aided a fallen Alacorn by protecting it when it was wounded. In return the Alacorn gave him a pair of wings and the ability to work wind magic. This trait he passed on to all of his offspring, which came to be known by the same name as their famous ancestor. Eventually however they got tired of this, and of being called Pegasi as a plural, and officially changed their species name to paragaid. This has been widely accepted across Antellonia, but has yet to really catch on in our world.

Orginal size 8" x 11" on paper board, mixed media colored pencils and watercolor.


Okay, now I've got that out of my system: Looky looky: SPOTS! Yes! It's an Appaloosa paragaid! Wheee! Again, I'd gotten tired of all winged horses being either white or pure black, so here's a spotty one. It fit well, since many birds have dappled wings. Also, it gave me another chance to paint those lovely rolling white-rimmed eyes.
Feathers as always are a pain, but they're worht it!

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