Coloring Book: Tulpar Picture

OK, so here is the coloring book with the border I have drawn. What do you guys think of the fonts? I am enabling critique. However, I do not wish to be violently torn. Please, be nice with your critiques since my art is very emotionally personal and I rarely request critiques for that reason. However, I know that helpful ones are invaluable, so with that in mind, I encourage you to look this over. I have reprinted the text here for ease since I don't know how easy it is to read the text on this. It will be printed so it will be far easier to understand on paper I am sure.

"Tulpar is a magical horse from Turkic mythology. He was very, very fast. It was said that if you rode him in eight circles, you would become the king of the Earth. The demon crow, Karga was trying to reach a wall keeping the world cold by blocking the sun. He started to break it down so the world would warm up, but the sun burnt off his wings and when they fell, they fell on Tulpar, giving the magnificent stallion wings."

If you want to know more about Tulpar, I encourage you to read this, its really interesting: [link] its actually very fascinating. Also, if anyone has any more info on Tulpar or just wants to talk, please do
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