Help Me Name Her (CHOSEN: Paris) Picture

I'm planning on making an animated comic (I guess that would be a show...) called Reflections. This is supposed to be the 'reflection' (basically a foil) of the character who represents my boyfriend, Spartan, the green pegasus. Her color choices were based on the inversion of his colors: [link]

Thanks to ~AuroraStar1 for suggesting the name Paris.
"What about Paris after the soldier who took down Achilles?" Great idea! I should have done more research on mythology so I would know these things! lol.

Her personality: Obviously a b*tch. Preppy, flirty, and somewhat lustful. Pretty much those annoying girls from your high school who are always out to “Steal Yo Man”, though she does end up getting with Perses.

Please comment with any ideas! There is no 'prize' for suggesting the name that I decide to pick.
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