Eponia Flesh-Eating Pony Picture

In many stories passed down amongst travelers is the warning of groups ponies living in the Hidalgo Mountains, wild savage ponies with slitted eyes, sharp teeth and no cutie marks. The stories often tell that they attack in groups, and prey off of other ponies and living creatures rather than plants, and are also said to not be able to speak. They also always lack wings or horns, so it's theorized they're either exclusively earth-ponies, or they are merely a sepperate species of meat-eating pony alltogether. Given the fact some have been said to be able to breath fire-something no unicorn, pegasus or normal earth pony can do, many agree they are their own unique species.

Note: These ponies are based off of various accounts of man-eating horses both mythological and true, such as the mares of Diomedes and The Man Eater of Lucknow.
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