The Gang Picture

My last assignment done in Photoshop was a success, one of the class's favorites and one I'm proud of. Though it is labeled as a Collage it actually is a Self portrait in the form of a Montague or a group of pictures intergrating as one pictutre. The self portrait as you see here is about things I like to do in life. The figures in the picture (for those who dont reconize any of them) from left to right is Cloud Strife from FF VII Advent Children (originally appeared in the videogame), pegasus of classic Greek mythology, my own character Aurora Rockstar, Wolverine from the movie X-Men (originally a famous comic book hero) and Lara Croft from the newest Tomb Raider video game that will come out sometime before Christmas as of 2008. The planets are music worlds (spin off of Kingdom Hearts) with their personal symbols. Left to right they are the Led Zepplelin Zoso logos (IV Album), , Jethro Tull's dancing piper, the Rolling Stones toungue, Twised Sister and Pink Floyds prism from Dark Side of the Moon.
It took a lot of work and I'm glad with the final result.
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