Digimon of Origin 1st 5 Picture

Edit: Griffmon had been replaced with Heraldimon, since Heraldimon comes into the series much earlier...

Digimon of Origin
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Rookie -> Mega

Center: Rockymon -> Mahesmon

Center Left: Heraldimon -> Odoramon

Left: Equimon -> Belleromon

Center Right: Maaumon -> Isismon

Right: Vulpemon -> Kuzuhamon

A little info about the creation of these Digimon...

Rockymon: Rockymon's design is based on my black cat, right down to the red collar and stub tail.
Rockymons evolutions until Ultimate are based on black cats and panthers. His Mega, Mahesmon, is based on the Egyptian God of war, Mahes, who was also a lion-headed god.

Heraldimon: Heraldimon was adopted from ~oOCrystalOo from #TheDigimonAgency

Equimon: Equimon's design was based on the horse and pony species.
His champion form, Kentauromon, is a recoloring of the official Centarumon.
His evolutions are based on the mythological Centaur, the winged horse Pegasus and the Greek Hero Bellerophon.

Maaumon: Maaumon's design was based on the Maau cat species. She's basically a more feline version of Salamon.
Maaumon's Champion form is Mikemon.
Her Ultimate and Mega evolutions will be based on the ancient Egyptian Dieties Tefnut and Isis.

Vulpemon: Vulpemon's design was inspired by the official Digimon Renamon.
Vulpemon's Champion and Mega forms are Youkomon and Kuzuhamon.
Her Ultimate form, Zerdamon, is based on the mythological Japanese fox spirit and Kitsunetsuki.

Digi-soul brush by *digistardbz [link]§ion=&global=1&q=digi+soul+brush#/dymakf

All these digimon and their evos excluding official Digimon (c) =EmeraldSora
Heraldimon adopted and used with permission from ~oOCrystalOo
Digimon logo and Digimon (c) Bandai
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