Mythical Creatures, Pokemon Style Picture

Short explanation: combining/recoloring/piecing together/etc. pokemon sprites into the forms of mythical creatures (except for the ones that had already been done, i.e. unicorn=rapidash).

You may notice some of these have two versions; those are usually old ones that I had before I went back and did a bit more research. For example, I knew a chimaera was a lion/goat/snake hybrid; I just didn't realize there was supposed to be a goat head in there. The sphinx I should have known (in the Greek version, they always have wings; I don't remember if the Egyptian one does).
And the cockatrice was just a redo with better sprites and hopefully colors, but I like the old one's pose better. Had an old gryphon too but it was so bad I didn't bother including it. Also had a leprechaun, but it was effectively a medicham recolor (What can I say? It was perfect).

Anyway, even the naga took a lot of effort to get to look right (gardevoir's body does not mesh well with pretty much anything else); and arcanine in general was far more difficult to work with than it had any right to be (probably easier than entei though).

Enjoy and comment!

UPDATE: For those of you who enjoy/fave this, a second edition from Japanese Mythology is now up! Please take a look.

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