My Little Pony-Centaur Picture

Yes... MORE ponies. Damn them.
Yesterday I was sitting and doodling while watching some Nostalgia Critic videos, and suddenly began drawing centaurs. And then I sketched some My Little Pony shit (that show is addictive...) and it struck me.

Pony Centaurs!

And this happened. The idea is ridiculous, which meant I had to do it, and it was kinda fun figuring out the anatomy (no cutie marks ecxept two, I know). And I've been checking around a bit and haven't come across any such as this on dA, so I guess I can call this my personal idea. Of course, MLP and mythological creatures do not belong to me, but this mash-up is purely my abstract brains fault.

But do feel free to use this/these race/s in whatever you want! Heck, give it them a name if you want. I certainly don't have any. I'd love it if any of you did anything with them and linked me to the result
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