It Should Be Mine Picture

Oh Gods, this took forever!I've been working on this since 6:00 am and I haven't slept either.
This is my new OC, Atlas.
Done with GIMP and a mouse.
GENDER, stallion
AGE, 3 years
BREED, Arabian
HEIGHT, 17 hands
COAT, Blue
MARKINGS, World Patches
EYES, Icey Turqoise
SPECIAL FEATURES, Wings, small Earth floating between wings at all times

I'm not sure if I'll submit this to Cimoron Island yet, but I might if they'll be willing to accept him.He'll probably be on my Ponybox if I get permission from all stock providers and there may be prints of this on my Etsy.
--EDIT--- Okay, I just remembered that mythical gorses can only be store bought on he'll probably just be on my PonyBox unless I find another RPG.
Thank you to these lovely stock providers:
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