SSU Bios: Chimeras Picture

This is number 206 in the "SSU Bios" series, featuring the mythic races that appear in the "Sleepy Stories" comics by myself and :iconayzor:*Nayzor
Chimera- Chimeras are a two-headed race with the heads of a lioness and a goat. They have large, muscular bodies, dragon-liked wings and a spiked tail. They wear very revealing bikinis. Chimeras live throughout the Mediterranean and Asia Minor. They live in cities, forests and mountains. Chimeras love to sleep, and spend most of their time napping. Chimeras hate to be woken up, and use their stereo snoring to lull others to sleep. Chimeras snore loudly, especially the pregnant ones. The lioness head roars the snores, while the goat head bleats them.
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