Finn... Picture

This is a quick drawing of a character belonging to myself and ~AnthroShogun

This would be Finn. (nicknamed ‘Finch’) as you can see he is a winged horse- (I would say ‘Pegasus‘ but good old mythology tells us that Pegasus was the name of one of the winged horses not necessarily the name of their race) either way this fella has decidedly fallen on hard times as both his wings have for the better part been broken off

line art / WIP of this found in my scraps here [link]
I don’t usually draw anthro art or characters but I was asked about drawing the characters so I figured I would give it a go as I really need to work on traditional drawing skills some.

After much epic failing I came across the gallery of ~ChrisSawyerArt and his wonderful sketches
I requested permission to use some of his sketches as reference to help me out - he very kindly agreed so I can’t thank him enough for that - the original sketch for the reference of this figure can be found here [link] go check out the gallery of a talented chap indeed!!! [link]

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