Medusa Picture


Im taking it in school, its so fun, but it ruins everything that has mythology because generally, its wrong, and i laugh at it...^^

This is Medusa, a woman "raped"(she knew what she was doing) by Poseidon in Athena's temple, so Athena punished her by turning her and her two sisters into gorgons, creatures that turn any MAN (not women) into stone just by looking at them, but Athena kept Medusa beautiful, while the other two turned ugly, so that men would look at her. As well as keeping her mortal and the sisters immortal. Perseus is the hero that slays the poor woman, and Pegasus is her and Poseidon's child, and is released once she died.

oh, by the way, Pegasus had absolutely no relation with Hercules...or rather, Heracles. And her lower half was not a snakes tail, she was normal looking except for her hair, but some texts did say that her and her sisters had wings, but that's oral tradition for you right?
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