T : Cerberus Picture

Just like Pegasus [link] Cerberus is one of the cosmic/animal spirits looking for a human body, a kind of ghost with his good & dark side, sometimes heroic, sometimes (very) psycho (and, at least, Pegasus is quite calm and optimistic...).
This is how Cerberus looks like as a beast. His 3 heads have a specific face/emotion : neutral, angry and sad. Only one is active, and they change when Cerberus' emotion changes. His body looks like pottery and the feathers he's carring on his faces & back are poisoned. (Yeah, in greek mythology, he's supposed to have poisoned snakes on his body.)

In my first sketches of him, he was like another-gory-angry-dead-dog, but it was a little boring... So, I've been a little inspired by the very creative version of Lucifer from the animated movie " The Adventures of Mark Twain" (you can watch the Lucifer scene on Youtube
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