Destiny Denied Picture

This was drawn for my friend Rajiv at Gen Con, but as I wasn't quite finished with it and knew I wouldn't see him at Dragon Con, I confiscated his notebook until I could scan this. I used more manga pens over the original pencil. The concept I think came from how I have been feeling trapped as I was trying to get out of art but keep getting pulled back in, yet there are still things that are hindering my ability to create. As for the title, it was named last night (September 4, 2007) in honor of my horse, Destiny, who I thought that I was going to have to put down today, but was much relieved to discover otherwise. Still it resonates a sense of being unable to fulfill one's purpose, or chained innocense, or a sense of feeling trapped. As I, myself, am not really into bondage, I find it more a symbolic expression of some of my more pent up feelings. Anyway, I hope that you like it.
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