Fable Heart Picture

:UPDATE: The Cutie Mark has seemed to sort itself out now and I have updated with the Cutie Mark and reference for her base colors. Thank you everyone who helped out!

So this is my OC, Fable Heart. She is a Pegasus Pony whose special skill deals with Mythology. Fable Travels the world, collecting stories and myths from many different types of ponies and then sharing those she has gathered with others. Fable Heart does not stay in any one place long (though she does have a permanent residence in Equestria) instead choosing to travel from town to town for most of the year. When not traveling, she compiles new stories into her archives (lest she forget them). Sometimes, Fable will travel to a certain location just to take part in a local custom and loves collecting unique artifacts from the areas she visits. Her Cutie mark is a Celtic-based heart covered in vines.

I have yet to design her cutie mark (due to not being able to think of a good idea) so I am looking for someone to help me design it. If any of you want to help, or have someone in mind who could, please let me know in the comments or note me.

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