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You'll probably appreciate these things best if you have a pretty thorough knowledge of all the Sailor Moon incarnations. If not, sorry, it'll probably go a bit why didn't I eat it slower

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If you're a mythology buff, or if your Google-fu is strong, you'll know that Chrysaor is traditionally depicted as a black winged boar, not a winged horse. But you know, like most of the characters in Sailor Moon, his relation to Chrysaor is through name only.

I read a long time ago that the original concept for the SuperS movie was going to involve Uranus and Moon getting into a race, with Usagi riding on Pegasus, and Uranus riding on a black Pegasus. Personally I thought that would be a ridiculous plot for the movie (it's a rare occassion where I can say that animated candy would make MORE sense), but the idea of a black Pegasus struck me as interesting, so that's the inspiration for this character.

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