Singular Picture

Final Piece fro Art General. We had to chose Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome or Ancient Egypt as an inspiration.

Three guesses as to what mine was.

Anyway, original piece was to be a large metal cutting, but my parents abandoned me, so a digital painting done at 2 am will have to suffice.

Actually he prints so much better than what he looks like on screen. The messy wings are quite a nice effect.

Oh and for the title, basically, I think that Pegasus would have inherited some bird instincts (why? No idea) and well, most birds feel lonely and and rather unhappy when they don't have a mate. And since Pegasus was the only winged horse, I thought he might feel lonely, especially when he has to groom his wings.


Painter 9, Wacom, Coffee, A3 image, many hours of dead computer.
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