Flight of the Pegasus Picture

This is one of my four finals for my year 12 Studio Arts class back at high school. We were told to come up with a brief, find subject matter for it and then start working.

I chose my topic as Mythology - including Greek and Norse. And decided on four animals from mythology to create via photography and photo-manipulation.

This is obviously Pegasus from Greek Mythology. But now I bet your going, "wait... there was only ever one Pegasus in Greek mythology. You fool, you made your picture wrong". That might be true, but I am no fool. You see... none of the legends actually state what Pegasus really looked like - they only ever state that he was the offspring of Poseidon and Medusa, born from Medusa after she was killed.

So naturally, I thought "well, there's no description so I'll use creative liberty and make various representations". So I came up with this one as my final for Pegasus.
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