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And just a bit on their names, Tyra comes from Tyr, who in
Norse mythology was the god of war and justice.

Nemesis means "retribution, righteous anger" in Greek. Nemesis was the Greek goddess of vengeance and justice.

Attilio is the Italian form of the Roman family name Atilius, which is of unknown Etruscan origin. Marcus Atilius Regulus was a Roman consul and hero of the First Punic War. So it kind of works...

Attilio was born a colt of regal heritage in a high standing herd. He was different though. Most Pegasus were pale pastel colors, like palomino, chestnut, white, and cream; Attilio was the first in generations to be born black. Despite being held in high regard by others of his kind, he was not satisfied. He enjoyed watching the Horses that galloped across the plains below. Curious, one day he made his way down from his dwelling in the high cliffs to a small glade in the forest. He walked slowly, looking around him at the beautiful colors of the flora.

Suddenly he heard a snap. He looked around and caught the gaze of a pair of light blue eyes belonging to a young mare.

“Who are you?” she asked warily. “I sense no threat from you, yet I have never seen you here before.”

“My name is Attilio Darkasnight. I am a Pegasus from the High Cliffs. I mean no harm, I was simply wandering,” he replied gently.

“A Pegasus?” Nemesis had heard stories about them of course, when she was just a small filly by her mother’s side. But surely, those had just been stories? With proof staring her in the face however, she was forced to admit they were indeed real. She looked back at him, into the depth of his sapphire blue eyes. “Wait. If you’re a Pegasus, why are you walking?” she questioned.

“I have explored the sky for many miles, in all directions and I have grown bored of flying. I have seen Horses running the earth and thought it looked like fun,” he said, shifting his weight and rustling his feathers.

“Uh-huh. Well, then why don’t we…RUN!” Nemesis exclaimed as she took off through the trees. Attilio couldn’t react fast enough. By the time he got himself into a gallop, she had gotten a huge lead. He galloped, reveling in the feel of the ground beneath his hooves, the stretch of muscle, and the cool shade of the forest. Then he burst from the cover of trees onto a wide grass plain, he could see the mare ahead of him. He spread his wings and began to ascend, gaining on her. As he flew over her, she looked up at him in joy and awe. He had to ask her, this mare of gold and flame…

“Can you tell me your name?”

She looked up into his deep blue eyes and replied, “It’s Nemesis.”

Tyra (C) =SilverBrumby
Art (C) ME
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