Bellerophon,Pegasus andChimera Picture

Callig'd lines, coloured in Pastels. Photo captured with a phone-camera. The piece is bigger than A4. The colours in real life are also more vibrant.

I may sell this for a cheap/reasonable price, so if you are intrested, let me know.

Annnnyway, this is my major piece for Art for this semester for the 'identity' unit. Somehow (not really sure how, actually..) I branched on to depict this battle.. The battle between Bellerophon, Pegasus and the Chimera- A test of innocence and strength to give Bellerophon his fame. All too much, it seems.

See 'The slaying of the Chimera' from Wiki: [link]

I dont really like the way Bellerophon turned out. He looks azn, and the anatomy is really off. Same with Pegasus, the anatomy is.. really pretty bad x_X

I am SO SICK of how limited our deviation titles can be. ><!

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