(mythical beasts) chibis Picture

here's some chibis!

oh, you want personalities? OK!

(western) DRAGON >> an all-around bad guy. he loves to wreak havoc and kidnap lovely maidens. they say his house is stashed with tons and tons of valuables (hoarder!)

UNICORN >> a true white-knight. he keeps himself in seclusion usually, so naturally he isn't much of a talker. there have been rumors of Unicorn not being so "pure" and "innocent" going around...

GRIFFIN >> a happy-go-lucky guy. he's an honorable one, too. he has a high sense of morality! contrary to popular belief, Griffin was born in Egypt.

PEGASUS >> a proud myth. he loves to boast to other myths that he's a hero, and often tries to compete with Unicorn. I'd call it "frenemies".

there you go!!
also, if you want to look at each one separately for whatever reason, here are links.
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