Comm: DestinationUnknown Picture

I'm falling down a spiral--destination unknown.
Double crossed messenger--all alone.
Can't get no connection, can't get through--
where are you?
Well, the night weighs heavy on his guilty mind
This far from the border line.
When the hitman comes, he knows damn well
he has been cheated...
And he says:
So, you'll come to know
When the bullet hits the bone.

A long overdo commission for *SeptemberStudios
in which I battled equally hard with a fighting
pegasus and unicorn. This thing took me
forever to do, but I'm really glad to have gotten
the change to take on something so complex
and well...huge. There are of course small
hiccups and things that aren't quite perfect
in it, but I tried my best to make it flow and
depict the mythological aspect as the main
spotlight. I must mention it is past 4 am my
time and I'm just finishing this, but alas, it
is done. And a special thanks is in order to
*Moral-Imbecile for trying to cut out the horn
for me when I was dying. Yes, thank you.
Hope everyone else likes it.

S t o c k
Sky: [link]
Cave: [link]
Black Horse (who is not really black): [link]
White Horse: [link]
Wings: [link]
Horn: [link]
Manip: Me.

Time taken: If you could measure time in sweat then I would, but unfortunately...I have no idea.

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