Kidnapped by a Pegasus Picture

*Explanation of what's happening at bottom of description*

Alright, so this was originally going to be a drawing of a kelpie dragging someone off for dinner, but then I got randomly inspired to draw Advanced Sapphire Pegasus and Johan from Yu-Gi-Oh GX.

A kelpie is a mystical shapeshifter from Celtic mythology that typically dwells near lakes, streams, and other wetlands. It typically takes the form of a horse and attempts to lure children onto its back. One the victim is on the kelpie's back, the skin becomes adhesive and it becomes impossible to get off. The kelpie then dives into the water and eats them.

While Saph isn't a kelpie, in this picture he retains certain elements of them, particularly the adhesive skin. Saph drained his will to escape with his dark powers and is now taking him away somewhere. Don't worry, he won't be eaten, Saph has other things in store for him.
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