Pegasus Picture

Pegasus___________Centaur Family Beastman Type
Dietmnivorous but most vegetation

The Pegasus considered in the Centaurs class are treated as Nobles being able to fly is what gave them this scene of nobility and to prove their nobility they wear a Kotinos as a Symbol of their stature. Pegasus's are very proud of what they are to most centaurs they treat them as royalty and they see human kind as subspecies and stay far from human settlements and humans in general not cause of their scene of nobility it's their secret shy side of their nature, they find that the centaurs let their husband ride them most the unicorns their cousin species that is about as noble as them to see them let a human ride them just makes them hate humanity alittle to make them someone ride them so they stay away from human site to avoid that conclusion.
In time the will feel the need to make when mating season comes for the centaur kind like unicorns they also fantasies having a husband to be passionate with but their kind of fear of humans they find it hard to for fill this dream of marriage, they in time will prosperously revile themselves to humans to see what only to be chase after for their feathers their feathers contain strong magical essences to able to cure any disease or illness by grinding the feather into powder also they use them in top of the line dresses. the Pegasus rethinks it's strategy on obtaining a husband they go to a human male one at a time if he is a kind soul and just lets her walk up to him with no threat of being chased after she will talk to him then come back everyday to get to know them til they are sure they can marry.

A newly wedded Pegasus will copulate with her husband only once to see how it feels but when mating season come they turn their lustful side out and will have numerous times of sexual pleasures then turn back into their proud self like nothing happened.

When times passes they will allow their husbands to ride with them, this shows the level of trust they have towards their husbands and will like the feeling of their husbands holding on to them. When they give birth they have up to 1 or 2 babies but are born wingless and the hairs on their body in a different color to avoid capture by other humans, at year oen their hair with change color and their wings will start to develop, at their second year of life their wings will be fully developed and their mother will teach them to fly, but they will tell them of human kind and what they see in them which will trigger their fear of humans but not to fear their father.

Even as a child the Pegasus will be treated as a noble's child and will be treated as such.

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