Orion Picture

New character that happens when I try to create adoptables

Name: Orion
Meaning: the name Orion means- a hunter in greek mythology. The name Orion orginated as an Greek name.
Breed: Unknown/Demon
Age: 93 years
Color: Orangeish roan
Markings: White stripes on neck and butt, blue nose, glowing blue eyes, blue legs with zebra stripes
Personality: His personality describes it all, he was born a hunter. His slender body and muscular legs help him to accomplish what he wants, and kills what he wants. But at heart, he is a kind, gentle stallion. He in turn hides a curse, when he gets angry enough; he turns into an uncontrollable dragon that tears apart whatever is in his path. Orion tries to deter himself from being angry or frustrated. Turning into his dragon for is very painful for him, when he turns back into himself, after a rampage, he remembers every detail of what he has done. And those details haunt him.
History: To come
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