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Japanese spelling: シトラリニクエ

Shitorarinikue is one of the four final bosses of To Heart 2: Dungeon Travelers alongside with Yoshitsune, Arjuna and Marduk. Their names are based on mythological (and one historical) figures from around the world. Yoshitsune is based on a Japanese warrior named Minamoto no Yoshitsune, Arjuna is based on a character of a Hindu epoch called Mahabharata. Marduk is based on a Mesopotamian king of gods named Marduk (sadly she doesn't have a companion named Sirrush). While Shitorarinikue is based on.... Hmm..... Let's see...

1. She has a drop called "Book of Megiddo", she could be a Biblical figure
2. Her name sounds like a Maori or South Pacific deity
3. Her appearance implies that she could be a some sort of sprite/fairy. But, her monster/Mamono type says she's a demon. Could be an orc or a troll

In the game, she wields a demonic hammer, and she wears a white school swimsuit layered by a short cape-like sleeveless shirt and a pair of black boots, black fingerless gloves and three bows: one on her head and two on her hair. To see her in-game counterpart, you could click the picture below:…

In the Farhan43 universe, Shitorarinikue is a humanoid female Gnorc who often seen with her pet, Raphael the Raven. She often remark herself as "boku", which is used by boys. Her hammer can deliver a painful blow to anyone she hits. In the upcoming fanfic Spyro: Legend of Loch Nestor, she serves Ripto and Dr. Kyung Matsutomo and leads a horde of Earthshapers, Flame Bats and Lava Lizards to attack Tibecuador and cause the volcano to erupt. After she's defeated, she calls Spyro a pervert and she dies out. However, she survives in the end of Spyro: Legend of Loch Nestor and becomes one of Spyro's allies in the next story Spyro 2: Ouritsu Toshokan to Mamono no Fuuin to help Spyro, Flame, Ember and Cynder save the Forgotten World, seal the demons/Mamono inside the Seal of Demons and defeat The Sorceress and her allies from the faraway Ninteldo Empire, Marcus and Guriji with their pet Megalania, Lamia Rex.
She is voiced by Hiromi Igarashi in the Farhan43 fanfics

Update: She's actually an Aztec goddess who created the stars. Lel

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