Greek Nymph Concept Art: Nereid Picture

This design is based partly on the male nereid in one of my more earlier pieces "Who says nymphs can't be male?", albeit with the body included. Basically my nereids are somewhat physically similar to naiads, but differentiated by having more piscine features like mermaids since nereids are sometimes depicted as mermaids along with sirens. I'm not sure if nereids will be included in my own personal fantasy world since A. there is already a type of water nymph, B. My nereids basically look like the resulting crossbred offspring between a naiad and a merrow/mermaid/merman, and C. my world already has four main water type creatures(naiads, merrows/merpeopl, selkies, and tritons) any more and it would probably crossover into redundancy. So this will probably be for my greek mythology reimagined world. lol
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