She comes from the Sea Picture

Arise, she comes
from out of the blue sea.
I hear her lovely voice
calling to me.

Her magical harp plays
Melodies which soothe
My soul...

Calypso or Kalypsó/Kālypsō (Greek: Καλυψώ, English translation: "I will conceal"), was a nymph and a daughter of Atlas who lived on the island of Ogygia in Greek mythology. Her name has also been listed among the list of the Nereids, which would make her a daughter of Nereus.

Artistic Direction & Photography - Emmanuel Photography
Artistic Beauty Team - Aleesha Darke (Hair & Sparkle Eye makeup), Justine Rose (Body Paint Artist) and Sally Rutten(Make Up Artist)
Model - Terri Anne Chapman
Lighting Assistant & Prop assistant - Holly Rose
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