NEREUS Picture

Name: NÊREUS (Family name LightSilver) (Νηρεύς: Greek name derived from the word neros "water," hence "wet one." In mythology, this is the name of a god of the sea.)
Element: Water
Breed: Medieval (however it is not certain)
Gender: Male
Alliance: Good (yet it is believed his father is one of the leaders in the dark forces)
Age: about 585 years (around 45 in dragon years if i did the math right that is )
Bio: NÊREUS is the son of a strong leader. However at a young age (about 4 in dragon years) his father became influenced by the dark desires whirling in his heart and joined the forces of dark, hence blackening the name LightSilver. Since his name was shunned by all the dragons he move away not knowing where he was going he soon became lost and in turn found himself stranded on a land unknown to many. He soon returned when he believed no one knew who he was yet some one recognized him (a dark soldier) as being a betrayer of his own people (a dragon of the dark) and tried to kill him slicing his chest open. He is able to escape but into the claws of the very dragons who shunned his father and this is where the story begins…..
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