Nereidas Picture

Made in 2006.

I know you are thinking these are mermaids, but they're not! They are actually nereids, daughters of Nereu, an ancient greek god from the seas. Poseidon chased and eventually married one of them, Anfitrite. Nereidas were 50 enchanting water nimphs that ventured themselfs trough seas and took seductive rests at beaches, but run away from men.
Mermaids, if I am not mistaken, come from northern mithology.

For the interested: In portuguese, mermaids are refered to as "sereias", wich increases the mythological mess: the world 'sereia' comes fromm 'sirena' (siren, in english), the famous terrifing half-woman, half-bird creatures that sang beautifully, charming sailor men and dragging them to their death, in order to eat them.
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