The Extended Family Picture

So, four new characters for *tyshea's Wormwood Project. They are all four part of The Family, though they are not the primary members. And now time for the Bio's. Going Left to Right we have:

Name: Amanda Adonai
Age: 16
Height: 5’6
Weight: 120 lbs
Race: Shojo
Grade: 10th
Relatives: Alex Adonai (Esper, Brother) Sayu Adonai (Aunt, Amoenna) Natalie Adonai (Aunt, Leviathan)
Nationality: American
Style: Punk Radio-Head
Eyes: White
Hair: Red
Orientation: Heterosexual
Significant body markings: None
Favorite Classes: Mythology, Science, Gym
Club(s) and Extracurricular(s): Lacrosse Team
Crush/Steady: Demetri Vergo (Oracle, Crush)
Likes: Music, Alcohol, Dogs
Dislikes: Losing, Reading, Being sad

Amanda is Alex's Sister, and is one year younger than him. Amanda is very different from her brother in all most every way, save for their similarly white eyes (though Amanda does have pupils). Amanda is a drinker, though most teachers are willing to overlook this because of her solid grades. Amanda is a trouble maker a lot of the time, though she remains true and kind to her friends. Her close friendship with Briana and Akila, as well as being Alex's brother, have all helped to build her reputation as a trouble maker and as an "Untouchable" in terms of romantic involvement, though she doesn't really want a boyfriend at this point (Save for Demetri, a close friend of hers and long time crush). She lives alone, though she will regularly stay at a friend’s whenever possible, and is very fond of her music.

Name: Nellie Hayes
Age: 15
Height: 5’5
Weight: 117 lbs
Race: Cat Girl
Grade: 10th grade
Relatives: Tim, Johnny, Ed, and David Hayes (Brothers, Cat Boy) Jayne, Johanna, and Laura (Sisters, Cat Girl) Stephen Hayes (Father, Mortal) Helen Hayes (Mother, Cat Woman)
Nationality: English
Style: Comfortable Faux
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Orientation: Heterosexual
Significant body markings: None
Favorite Classes: Biology, Psychology, Spanish
Club(s) and Extracurricular(s): Cheerleading squad
Crush/Steady: None
Likes: Being with friends, Cheerleading, Learning something new
Dislikes: Being overlooked, Being afraid, lying

Nellie is somewhat the leader of these four, her perky personality keeping everybody together. Nellie is very cat like, being well and friendly to people she knows, but not too trusting to anybody that isn't very close to her. Nellie has a relatively large family, especially in comparison to her friends, having three sisters and four brothers, and she can sometimes feel neglected within her own family, but she compensates with an extremely open circle or friends, as well as by gaining attention as a cheerleader. She's best friends with Amanda, and regularly sticks close to her. She does have a bad habit of being a bit judgmental, but she's working on getting better.

Name: Elizabeth “Izzy” Livesay
Age: 17
Height: 5’7
Weight: 118 lbs
Race: Minor Goddess of Music
Grade: 11th grade (Junior)
Relatives: Haley Livesay (Sister, Nereid) Jessica Livesay (Mother, Water Nymph)
Nationality: Greek
Style: Ancient Huntress
Eyes: Emerald
Hair: Blond
Orientation: Heterosexual
Significant body markings: Greek Alpha on her right Wrist
Favorite Classes: Geography, World History, French
Club(s) and Extracurricular(s): Wormwood Orchestra
Crush/Steady: None
Likes: Being the center of attention, being admired, Succeeding
Dislikes: Being separated from her sister, People obsessed with themselves, being made a fool of

Elizabeth considers herself to be a bit of a queen in Wormwood, even if she's the only one who thinks so. As such, she's very distant from the other three, but still recognizes them as important to her. She occasionally plays the harp with the Wormwood band/orchestra, and being the minor goddess of Music, she is very close friends with Amanda. Elizabeth is very traditional with Greek ways of life, much like Akila with Egyptian. She can seem rather despondent from the rest of the school, believing it to be beneath her, but she continues to come to the school and hanging out with her friends and look after her sister, Haley. She regularly acts very stuck up, considering being a goddess to put her just a half step above everyone else, but no one seems to care too much.

Name: Haley Livesay
Age: 14
Height: 5’5
Weight: 112 lbs
Race: Nereid
Grade: 9th grade (freshman)
Relatives: Elizabeth Livesay (Sister, Minor Goddess) Jessica Livesay (Mother, Water Nymph)
Nationality: Greek
Style: Semi-Formal
Eyes: Emerald
Hair: Blue
Orientation: Heterosexual
Significant body markings: Greek Delta on her right wrist
Favorite Classes: Geography, Theology, Mythology
Club(s) and Extracurricular(s): Swim Team
Crush/Steady: None
Likes: Encouraging people, Succeeding, Seeing people happy
Dislikes: Being separated from her sister, being picked on, Bullies

Haley is almost the polar opposite of her older sister Elizabeth. Haley loves coming to Wormwood, especially the fact that she is near people who are like her. Haley is very modest about what she does, and will mostly let other people know how well they did, rather than what they did wrong. Haley is always very encouraging, though she will regularly become very quiet around older students. Haley is very protective of her friends, and will readily start a fight with anyone who acts cruel or hateful towards them, though the rest of the time she is very peaceful. She is a member of the Swim Team, though she's not very competitive and is usually only a substitute when someone else can't swim. Haley can seem rather off putting to people she doesn’t know well, but getting to know her better will allow her to gradually grow closer to them, and eventually she will become a good friend to have.

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