The Kings of the Moon - part 2 Picture

Second batch of Kings of the Moon. This time they all belong to Crystal Tokyo Era.

From left to right : Nereus, Vesper and Alignak.


Nereus is the husband of Zorya II and the father of Zorya III.

Nereus is a sea god in greek mythology.

Nereus is born in a very distant branche of the ruler of Nereid's family that hadn't inherited any title of nobility. When the main branch of the family died, his sister Melite was revealed to be the next Sailor Nereid and was sent to train on Neptune.
Nereus himself choose to enroll in the army where he quickly rose in the rank and was integrated in a elite unit. Even though he was an excellent element, his unwillingness to bend the rules for some upper noble made him unpopular and slowed his promotions. He was later appointed as an instructor for the guard of the royal palace of Triton and acquired the reputation of being the meanest and strictest instructor of the academy.
Meanwhile on the Moon, Zorya II was becoming unmanageable, made stupid stunt after stupid stunt and seemed bent on trying to bankrupt the kingdom. Her mother decided that some stricter discipline was necessary but the problem was that the princess inevitably managed to get what she wanted by charming everyone. Except from Sailor Neptune who was the oldest senshi of her generation, married and considered the princess as an insufferable spoiled brat. So Zorya II was logically sent to Netpune kicking and screaming to diminish the chances of her worming her way out of her punishment.
She was put under Nereus' training because of his reputation. They immediately got on each other nerves and "war" between them started in the next morning by Nereus unceremoniously dragging a rather hungover Zorya still in her nightclothes out of her bed to train .
In the end Zorya started to discipline and Nereus to loosen up a bit.
It took some time to get together for them. By the time Zorya II had become the calm and lovely queen everyone loved, they were married.


Vesper is Zorya I's husband and Zorya II's father.

Versper is the roman equivalent of Hesperos, the evening star. He was one of the god representing the planet Venus.

Vesper is a venusian diplomat and an unrepentant flirt which annoyed the tomboyish Zorya I since he was much too competent to be sent back to Venus for that reason alone. He also teased her a lot which later turned out to be his way of giving her advice. Zorya's answers generally involved slaps or bodily harm. He also tended to bicker a lot with her.
Of course, he realized that he might not be doing it right after some not so stubble hints from the sailor senshi (who had long gone from amused to annoyed) and stopped his teasing. Gradually, their relations improved.
Quite a few people scratched their head when he and Zorya I officially outed themselves as a couple. None really understood how they got together and the happy couple didn't care to explain.
Raising his daughter to be a capable ruler proved to be the greatest challenge he faced.


Alignak is Selene III's husband and the father of Zorya I.

Alignak is an inuit lunar diety.

Alignak is an ambassador from Sedna. He was tasked to help Selene III to familiarize with the custom from Sedna.
Later, his mariage to Selene III was widely criticized by the court but the princess' stubbornness and Queen Ceridwen support allowed it.
Alignak contributed greatly to the diplomatic relationship with planets out of the solar system.

Sailor Moon © Naoko Takeushi
Nereus, Vesper and Alignak © me
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