Water Spirit Picture

Third in that series with the women defined only by subtle outlines. I've got three elements so far, so maybe I should do an earth one to complete the set. Seeing as this, the Sunset Nude, and PtesanWi all got given to my sisters, I could keep the last one and that is neat but also kind of weird. Perhaps I'll do it anyways.

Anywho, this is, I suppose, a Naiad. If you dunno, Naiads were freshwater spirits in Greek mythology. Oceanids were the saltwater spirits, and Nereids were specific to the waters of the Mediterranean. Sexy, huh? As it happens, I myself am Mediterranean. So there.

I admit she looks kinda like that woman from Big Fish, and the yellow in the top left was supposed to be the light source, hence the highlights. I don't know if it's all that effective, but I like how it goes from a warm colour to the cooler shades of green and blue where the woman is standing.
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