KAS Elementals Concept Picture

Hullo, So over a weekend spent at a tournament I drew these. They are some general ideas for Elementals found on the proposed Elemental Plane in Kaiju.All.Stars. They are based on the classic four nature spirits associated with the primary western elements of fire, earth, water and air.

For fire we have the Salamander. In myth the Salamander was a creature much like the actual animal save for that it was said to be fireproof due to the oil on its skin. This myth was based on how salamanders liked to hide in logs that were made into fire wood, the heat driving them out as the log burned. In fantasy, Salamanders are often a type of primordial fire being like the Phoenix or a Dragon. Not as powerful as either of those but as far as alchemy is concerned the little buggers are the magical nature spirit of fire. In D&D they are a race of naga like creatures assoicated with blistering hot weapons and lava. For this incarnation and with the rest of them I was going off a sort of loose numerical theme. For the Salamander that number is three, corelating to the three points of its alchemical symbol (a standard triangle). KAS Salamanders would be 'generally' gator sized predators that are highly volatile carbon based lifeforms. They are extremely oily and are always on fire. Their appendages and extremities carry this formidable heat in order to clamber, scamper and slide through the molten and explosive regions of the Elemental Plane they inhabit, melting what they touch out of the way. Salamanders are nothing if not tenacious, relentlessly pursuing prey and consuming all in its path with its white hot mouth agape. Salamanders perfer areas with at least a modicum of air flow and semi fluid terrian. A common place would be something like a molten tar marsh. While they generally hate water, they can slide across its surface as their oil protects them. Being smothered, drowned or frozen are the most effective ways of subduing or slaying a Salamander. Any type of windstorm that isn't a blizzard fans the flames and makes them stronger and even more hyper aggressive.

Geomes are a fairly common and strong type of Earth Elemental. The classical nature spirit of Earth is the Gnome but I think that Gnomes are a type of Fey that just uses enigma to manipulate earth and nature to their own purposes. Geomes are not be confused with golems as golems are constructs created by magi and have no free will of their own. Geomes decidedly do and they are stubbornly passive creatures in the extreme. It takes a great deal of effort and persistance to even get a Geome's attention. When enraged however they can crash down and thunder through nearly anything in their path. Mostly around the size of a rhino or elephant, Geomes while not very agile at all are capable of moving at surprising speeds once motivated. For the most part, Geomes perfer to plod around and munch on crystals and ores they find. Some that live near more watery areas of the plane develope a layers of mud on them from erosion and other factors. They are capable climbers and burrowers, digging deep, rolling down steep slopes or smashing foot holds into solid granite while ascending sheer vertical drops. Geomes are surprisngly active but most of their efforts are simply done very slowly over long periods of time. When they are young they aren't heavy enough to avoid being carried off and so are prey for various Air elementals. Larger ones either ignore the efforts entirely or start smashing things. it's squarish, low slung body represents the alchemical square and the number four. Geomes can be found almost everywhere save for the utmost outer extremes of the plane. They do perfer mountainous and dry areas when not underground.

Nereids (I spelled this wrong), are in Greek Mythology the daughters of Posiedon and caretakers of his aquatic domains. Often the subject of many a heroic or godly trist. Nereids are generally amicable but shy and are an iconic type of water spirit. With this one I did away with the womanly figure entirely and instead focused on an entity that is fluid and sensual but not a mortal delight for the eyes. This type of Nereid is common type of Water Elemental and has glowing sections of their body they communicate with. It's body is always frothing, bubbling and flowing but the transistions are always smooth and deliberate. You could say that a Nereid is an elmental whose jimmies are never rustled, it simply adapts to whatever situation is presented to it. Nereids can thus appear to be quite deceptive, being tranquil and still one moment and churning and overwhelming the next. Nereids don't get angry, they get even. Nereids can adapt to various extremes in temperature but they don't like dry areas or places that force them into a state other than liquid. Thus they can fall prey to the whims of Air and Fire elementals while also ambushing them in kind. Nereids are especially dangerous to most Earth Elementals as they can flow into gaps in their bodies and pressurize them apart. Nereid's grow by absorbing matter, usually by liquidating quite literally. A Nereid has two primary appendages with two tendrils each that allow it to channel and manipulate water into a variety of shapes and purposes. It's associated with the number two and their looping, cyclical nature is in line with the circle. Circles having no point but a diameter from one side to the other, just how the Nereid can alternate which end of it your dealing with as its all the same to it.

Finally we have the Slyph. Slyphs are considered a type of wind spirit that often is depicted as a type of fairy in fantasy. They are said to be invisible entities that can manipulate the air and that's about as far as it goes for the most part. This type of Slyph is certainly a creature of the air and can disperse itself over a wide area to make itself invisible. Slyphs are always in motion, they never stay still for any length of time and refuse to be tied up in something for long. Slyphs are mercurial in temperment, flitting and floating from one stimulis to the next with only very strong stimuli forcing them to take a closer look. They can be 'playful' as they never take anything really seriously unless it's trying to contain, capture or destroy it. At that point Slyphs are berserk storms of mass destruction that go into a blind collateral damage causing panic. The winds they can generate can vaccum the heat and oxygen out of the area, snuffing flames and freezing water but such concentrated efforts are rare from them and usually just a deterent suffices before they make their escape. To say that Slyphs are flighty is an understatement. Slyphs 'feed' by dispersing matter into smaller particles that become part of the Slyph. The hardest type of elemental to do this to is an Earth Elemental that is larger than the the Slyph itself. A Slyph has to be several times larger than the Earth Elemental for it to be able to really do anything to it. Another thing to mention is that like most Air Elementals Slyphs are claustrophobic in the extreme. One of the few ways one can kill a Slyph is simply by completely containing and compressing it out of existance. Another is to consume all the particles that make up its existance, usually by burning it. Slyphs are somewhat bird like, having a pointed head, funnel like wings, a trailing wispy body and a singular glowing optic 'core'. This is generally the only thing that stays intact when the Slyph is attacking, forming an 'eye of the storm' so to speak. Slyphs dance through all layers of the atmosphere and skim across the surface looking for things to 'disperse' and interact with. The alchemical symbol of air is an upside down triangle and Slyphs tend to dive down like a rapidly spinning drill, invoking the shape. Slyphs are associated with the number one.

I may or may not do actual KAS entries for these things. But this should give some people a general idea of the kind of thought process I have concerning the Elemental Plane and its denizens.

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