Sea Nymph of the Deep Picture

Nereidemon, the Water Fusion Evolution Form of Galimon, Legendary Warrior of Water, and Amphitremon, Legendary Beast Warrior of Water. She is designed from a combination of both evolution along with that of AncientMermaimon, as can be see noticed from her silver hair and her golden trident. Kimi Clairebourne, the girl who wields the pure Spirits of Water, received her Fusion Evolution from the spirit of AncientMermaimon herself while in the Crystal Chamber of the Water Kingdom. Her name deprived from Oceanus and Nereid, both are sea nymphs from Greek mythology.
Info Stats:
This fearless nymph of the sea is strong and beautiful, commanding the waves of the sea with her powerful trident. Swift on land, air, and sea; Nereidemon can charm sailors with her enchanting singing and fights as well as any sailor or pirates of the sea. Like Galimon and Amphitremon, Nereidemon can fly, but barely do so.
Shifting Tides- turns water and liquid into a crystallized form and strikes them at her enemies. Such as her shields, trident, or just a shifting stream of water.
Aqua Crystal- shoots streams of blue energies and water crystals at her opponents, disintegrating them.
Divine Blue Sea- Creates swirling whirlpools with her trident which sucks almost everything into the deepest part of the sea.
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