Golden Sun Summons - Coatlicue Picture

So here she is. Coatlicue.
Never understood why she was healing before I looked at wikipedia. She is one of the most important goddess in the Aztec mythology. Look at her page in wikipedia to understand if you don't : [link]
It's really interesting.

On my first party on GS2, I never used her, because, first, I didn't understand anything in her sprite, and second, her recovery is low. Yes, on the first turn. I was such an idiot.

This new version of Coatlicue doesn't really bothered me, but now I can say she is a representation of Aquarius. I am an Aquarius. : D
Her colors were very flashy at first, when I showed it to ~Darclight, he nearly lost his vision. Okay, I may exagerate, but still xD

I had some problems with her, because anyone agreed on her position xD
In the end, I asked one of my professor (who is also a profesionnal), and he told me this :
"I'll tell you the thruth. Her position is not correct. But she is gorgeous like this. If you do a more traditionnal position, she will lose everything and won't be interesting. I'll be you, I'll keep this position."
So well, now it's done !

Iris is the only one left !

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