Crossbred chilean goblin Picture

I once started to wonder about chilean folklore and it's lack of goblinoid and pixie-like creatures. The mapuche culture doesn't have much of this type of creatures-- they have mainly nature spirits, and monsters (piuchenes), and a few dryad-nereid-nymph like stories (with the notable exception of Trauco and Inbunche) --, and the european don't seem to have brought here much of their mythologic creatures. And the ones they brought, seem so out of place here in Chile and it's culture because of their foreign origin (specially in their clothing: Why should we have irish-looking creatures in our southern forests? >_< ).

But what if fantastic creatures interbreed? What if, as humans, sucessive waves of european goblinoid migration arrived to our country, crossbreeding with local mythofauna to create our own, unique and mixed blood (mestiza) culture?

Here, a first attempt on that idea.

Farmers in Chile were very religious (and most still are) during the colonial and early republican times, so, why goblins wouldn't?
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