Poseidon Aperantos - Poseidon XIII Picture

Part of the XIII generation of the avatars of the gods, Poseidon is the thirteenth incarnation and descendant of the Greek god Poseidon. He's the elder brother to Zeus Aperantos and Hades Erebus Arcanus (formerly Hades Aperantos). He's closer and best friends with Zeus and his other siblings, as well as Ve and Vili, but doesn't care for Hades much at all.

While still in high school with his siblings, as a member of their Royal Olympian Family and Empire, he's also quite high-ranking the Navy and Marines. He wields the derivative version of the Greek god Poseidon's trident known as the Okeanos Trident, which is a trident with a metal corded rope (made of alloy composed of Inconel, Tungsten, Titanium and Magnesium) as the original pole for the trident is rarely used outside of being used a harpoon or close range combat. He also wields the Thalassa Anchor, which is also wielded with a metal corded rope (made of the same composite alloy). The globe at the end of the trident actually expands into a giant weight when its near or in water to the side of a giant exercise ball. Despite his weapons sizes and their sheer weight, he wields them with relative ease.
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