LP Mermaid inked Picture

Sample of one of my works for my Roman/Latin 1 class project, supposed to be Amphrite, Posidon's/Neptune's wife.
l'm uploading the inked version 'cause I'm too afraid to color it in case I ruin it ;_;
I tried a sorta new style of inking (inspired by the Danny Phantom series, bring the 3rd season to the US damnit) by inking it in smaller pens and then outlining her in sharpie..fun times.

Time: She's been sitting in my folder for awhile waiting fer me to scan her..
I forgot to date it so I dunno when I finished the sketch XD I just know it was before March 15th.. >_>
Finished inking it April 7th.
Possible finished her around 18 hours.

Materials: Microns and sharpie.

Amphrite (c) Greeks?
Art and design (c) Shadou
Feel free to color, please note me and give meh proper credit
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