Tangaroa Picture

Tangaroa is maori mythology,
Tangaroa is the neptune or god of the sea
The black symbolises a modern taniwha, made up of little things, bottles (booze) drugs, all the bad things (harhar.. well not always so bad)
the blue symbolises Tangaroa himself, the big cheese of the sea Maori people, (my ancestors include maori and pakeha / european) had a huge bond with the sea, it was a main source of food for most tribes, therefore they had huge respect for "Tangaroa" , these days heaps of my mates are into surfing, and the beach is a great place to hang out, so we have big respect to him too.. if he exsists (well come to think of it, hes about as relistic as any other god)
anyways this is the most writing your gonna get outta me for a bit, on the finished versoin its gonna say
"it is what you make of it", well this is what i make of it.

oh and its all ink, so far its two layers of paper (to give it a nice card feel) you can see the construction lines, im kinda giving myself space to work in, I want to leave heaps of negative space, to counter the boldness of the solid forms

thats a wrap, keep it real ^_^
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