The Children of Boreas Picture

Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa! Fan-art not KH related? What is this madness?!?
Well I was re-reading The Lost Hero in preparation for the Son of Neptune and got to the part with Boreas and his children.
And I fell in love with them. So I sketched out MY interpertation of them.
Calias: Simple, same facial shape as Kethes, darker eyes. I couldn't remember what eye colors they had so I went with violet to match their wings. He's wearing a black and white hockey jersey. (Number 8 or 3 or 9 or 0 or 6 or 2) He has two black- eyes, like in the book.
Zethes: My favorite. He's like the love-child of Demyx, David Bowie and the White Witch.
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