Poseidon Fountain Detail Picture

Finally we get to some drawings in Cheltenham (that is where I'm studying after all), and my personal fave of the week's drawings. This is part of a big ol' fountain in Cheltenham that had Poseidon, his sons and some Kelpies in it. If you ever go to Cheltenham, go see it.

I refrained from the sepia for this one. I just wanted a study of the figure; the tail and the positioning of the arms were quite difficult to draw without having done pencilling first.

I decided the fountain is of Poseidon, as opposed to Neptune, because most of the later Roman gods were just stolen from the Greeks, so I prefer the Greek parthenon. This drawing was particularly relevant to my Authorship project for next year which is based around the idea of mythological beings living a modern day existance.

That got a long explanation for a 10 minute sketch.
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