The Gods Are Watching Picture

I know, it's not all that good but I guess it's okay. This took me 8 days to draw and 4 days to color on GIMP. This is the very first time I used a reference and I may color it with colored pencils soon since I'm not good with colouring on GIMP.

Anyways, the pic features 4 gods (Neptune, Aphrodite, Ares and Hera), looking down. The Gods are watching. Are they happy?
It's about how people pressure you, and when you tried your best they are yet not sasified.

I really didn't have a background idea, so sorry about that
I used these beautiful, awesome and wonderful stocks (however, the boy on the bottome was just testing my imagination for the human face which came out horrible as you can see):

Boy on top (Neptune): [link]

Girl on top (Aphrodite): [link]

Girl on bottome (Hera): [link]

All from the amazing stock artist:
I would also like to thank

Okay. I'm ready for the criticism

This is NOT intended to be a religious drawing. I'm simply loving Greek mythology. This is MYTHOLOGY please bare in mind
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