PD Redesign: Medusa Picture

Human Name: Maddie S. Ceto
Powers: Stone Vision, Transformation, Flight, can see through the eyes of her snakes for a 360 degree field of vision
Equipment: A thick pair of sunglasses to block her stone vision.
First Appearance: Greek Mythology

Rebooted Origin
"Medusa was one of the three Gorgon sisters (the others being Stheno and Euryale) who were born to the primordial sea gods Phorcys and Ceto in the caverns beneath Mount Olympus. When Medusa was sexually assaulted by Neptune in the temple of Athena, Athena transformed Medusa, and her sisters who defended her, into bloodthirsty monsters. They were each cursed with hideous looks, including snakes for hair, which would turn anyone who looked at them directly, into stone. So she and her sisters were exiled to an uninhabited island, killing anyone that sets foot on it. However one day as Medusa and her sisters slept in their island cavern, a human named Perseus sneaked into their cave, decapitating Medusa with her last memory of that time was hearing her sisters cry out in horror.

Her soul was caught in a state of limbo, floating in nothingness for what seemed like an eternity. Until one day, her soul was dragged from this limbo state and ended up in the basement of an ancient castle in the middle of a summoning circle. The conjurer that summoned her tells her that more then two thousand years have past since her death and that he summoned her from the emptiness of Limbo to act as a protector of Greece. When Medusa asked why her instead of someone like Heracles, the conjurer replied that he felt that she was dealt a great wrong, that her punishment from the gods was unjustified as she was actually the victim and that for her to redeem herself, she could use her abilities to help those in need.

So with the power of magic, the conjurer gave Medusa the power to change between her human form and her Gorgon form. In her human form she was Maddie Ceto, a fashion model that seems to have a sever aversion to men being up close to her and being awkward when using some of today's technology."

Well we had mythological characters become super heroes, so why not make someone that most people consider nothing but a monster and make her a super heroine. And yes, I do feel sympathetic for Medusa as like what was said in the Origin, the gods blamed her for Neptune's crimes and punished her instead.
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