Mangaka Training - Statue Picture

This is another practice picture I did when I was at the City of Virginia Beach, Virginia, U.S, North America four months ago. It’s a picture of the statue of Neptune that’s on Beach Street (One if the districts of Virginia Beach and the place my family and I come to just about every time we visit. It’s a spot where tourist come every year during the summer.) I didn’t finish and decided not to finish it.

For those who don’t know Neptune I the king of the Sea and God in Greek mythology. You can learn more about him here. mythology

You can see the other picture I did when I was at Virginia Beach here. [link]

Art supplies/references use
Virginia Beach brochure with a picture of the statue of Neptune on the cover, pencil, sketchbook, eraser (I think I use an eraser. I don’t remember that well.)

statue of Neptune made by Paul DiPasquale

I should that mention that once every year there is a festival in Virginia Beach that celebrates the cities sea fairing heritage and it’s an event that see the grand finale of summer. I think it starts in September form what I can see on the events official website. I have not been to these festivals but I wish I could attend one.

The statue was made for this event. You can read about it here. [link]

You can also see the official site of the festival here. [link]
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