Triton, Chiron and Asclepius Picture

Following the events of the APKALLU: The Triton, on APKALLU II: ΟΔΥΣΣΕΙΑ
is already used both to his powers and to the complicated joint of economical and political powers in his homeworld, Tredius. Whilst revealings such as the survival of Odysseus and his emminent return as a full Triton, no longer a Kratozoa organ [check the glossary to get into such terms] still remain unexplicable for Gustávos, he still has to digest the fact that not only there are other inhabitble planets in the Tredian Solar System, they still trade people between them. Sharing responsibilities for the charges in the former slaver Miredrinn, he's going to make sure that despite his freedom in the fiscal-paradise of Asphodel, he's going to get no benefit, and his masters, whoever they are, will surely pay for their plotting.

But things aren't easy once off-world. Aquacantlus has developed an infiltration plan, and the young Triton has to collaborate and play with it in a while. His hot-headed attitude, however, earns them enmity, expose them and gives him an ostracization - pretty much leaving him stranded on the strange (yet so similar to his own) planet. Asclepius, touched by the resolve of the young, doesn't leave him behind. Allied with a foremost master of natural arts, a long-lasting ever-youthful spirit, doctor to many knowledges (botanics, biology, poetry, physics, etc) and most importantly, a survivor of a thousand charges and persecutions, Chiron the Vovin, they seem to deposit faith in a young student. His early prison and disappearance, however, rushes the plans.
Odysseus sees responsibility for giving he powers, and his new odyssey for saving the young (not friend or ally of his - but a source of empathy, however, having developed a kind of father-to-son responsibility) brings more about everyone involved on this.

Miredrinn's Master, Asclepius, the very Vovin persecutions of the dawn of time, seems tied to the powers so far perfected in the young Triton. Sacrificing himself to enhace the young's powers, to make the young triton survive upon what he brought upon himself, Odysseus shall now be forevermore in peace. Learning of this, Gustávos has a series of acquaintances and debts to pay before leaving Helladeas. His ostracization, his visibility, however, abruptly interrupts his trainning. And once he escape from the planet through the most un-thinkable means, he's certain his own odyssey has just began.
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